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Is a delicious hamburger your emotional support animal? Let everyone know how much you like burgers without saying a word. Without speaking, you can tell others a little bit about yourself and share your personality.


This apron is the perfect gift for burger lovers!


Our Poly Twill Apron is the perfect cooking accessory.

• Lightweight, stylish and durable

• 100% Polyester
• Black detachable twill straps


Interesting facts about hamburgers:


• Hamburgers got their name from Hamburg, Germany where a cut of beef called the Hamburg steak is from. This evolved into what we now know as the hamburger.


• Hamburgers weren’t really much popular until its introduction at St. Louis World’s fair held in year 1904.


• Americans consume 13 billion hamburgers a year, enough to circle the earth 32 times.


• The Hamburger Hall of Fame is located in Seymour, WI.

This Is My Emotional Support Animal Burger Apron

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