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Award-winning poet and author, Shane D. Williams is back at it with another collection of over 50 wacky, witty, and hysterical poems for children and adults.


Here are a few of the fun poems you will find in The Sun is on Fire!:


That's The Pitts


Miss Brandy Pitt has found

a bar of magic soap today!

And anything she scrubs with it

just vanishes away.


She washed away her homework,

and she scrubbed away her dinner,

then lightly washed her tummy,

‘cause she wanted to be thinner.


Then, just a little off her rear,

to help her old jeans fit.

Her plan just flopped – she scrubbed too hard!

She’s Brandy, the bottomless Pitt!


Little Miss Fibberpants


I am the spider

that “sat down beside her,

and frightened Miss Muffet away.”

It just isn’t so!

Would you like to know

what really transpired that day?


It’s true I was there,

but I sure didn’t scare

Miss Muffet, though that’s what she said.

I have been framed!

Untruthfully blamed!

I witnessed what happened instead:


Little Miss Muffet

sat on a tuffet

and stared at her curds and whey…

then with a dash,

threw it all in the trash,

and ran to the nearest buffet!


The Long and Short of It


The greatest poems are short and sweet.

My favorite poems are brief.

A poem shouldn’t be too long,

and that’s my firm belief.


A poem shouldn’t babble on

with endless pointless blabber.

A poem shouldn’t carry on

with senseless jibber jabber.


Get to the point, and wrap it up!

Please make it rather quick.

I know I shouldn’t be so harsh,

but long poems make me sick!


They often go off topic and

it makes me want to shout!

They add in pointless gibberish

that should’ve been left out.


At what point does a lengthy poem

become just mindless chatter?

Why should I read a bunch of fluff

that doesn’t even matter?


Like waterfalls or mountain air

or baby ducks or flowers!

Oh, don’t stop there, please write some more!

I’ve got a couple hours!


A poet should know when to stop!

A poet should refrain!

A poet should begin to sense

another person’s pain!


A poet should be sensitive

of other people’s time!

Oh great! Another stanza!

Oh joy! Another rhyme!


A poem’s not a novel, folks,

nor multi-page report!

A long poem is obnoxious!

My favorite poems are short!


I loathe it when, no matter what,

a poem keeps on growing.

It could’ve ended long ago,

and yet it keeps on going!


And when it’s finally ending,

and you think for sure it’s dead,

the poet starts repeating things

that he’s already said!


And when it’s finally ending,

and you think for sure it’s dead,

the poet starts repeating things

that he’s already said!

The Sun Is on Fire! A Ragtag Mob of Hilarious Poems

  • USA: 1 to 2 Weeks

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