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Things are pleasant in the little town of Quiet! until Mel Beezer discovers he's allergic to his own sneezes! Blending wit and humor with lively imagery, The Endless Achoo! is a delightfully clever tale that is sure to become a bedtime favorite with children and parents alike.


Here is small sample of The Endless Achoo!:


In a city named QUIET! not far from Blank Lake,  

An old, little Merfin was taking a break.

His name was Mel Beezer, a nice friendly feller,

Who worked near a well, as a stellar schnell smeller.

His job was to smell all the schnells that he could,

To see if the schnells might be yucky or good.


And good-smelling schnells were important in QUIET!

'Cause schnells were a very big part of their diet.

They ate them for breakfast, they ate them for brunch,

They ate them for dinner and supper and lunch.

They ate them hard-boiled, they ate them souffléd--

They even made icy cold schnellemonade.


But if ever a Merfin ate schnells that were yucky

At first he'd start quacking, then buy a toy ducky,

And then he'd start yodeling, then sprout a green tail...

Yes, strange things would happen when schnells were not well.

And though the strange symptoms last just seven days,

The Merfins preferred that they stay far aways.


So they had to make sure all the schnell smells were spiffy,

And the way to do that was to give them a sniffy.

Which is why Mel was so highly paid, I suppose,

For none of the Merfins but Mel had a nose.....


Maybe you’ve noticed that on most Merfins’ faces,

Right over their mouths, there are just empty spaces.


So they'd gather the schnells from Old Schnelligun’s well

(That's where schnells come from, in case you can't tell).

Then they'd haul them all over to Mel's little place,

Where he'd smell all the schnells with the nose on his face.

The Endless Achoo!


  • USA: 1 to 2 Weeks

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