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The taco is an incredible invention. We all know it’s true perfection. And this apron is a perfect way to show your friends your true values! This apron is the perfect gift for your fellow taco loving acquaintances!


The taco has a rich history, full of true facts, and in-depth cultural traditions. The story we’re about to share, on the other hand, has none of that.


We now present the fake, made up, completely false legend of the taco:


Once upon a time, in a magical land known as Tacopolis, a young man named Lickbeard was hungry while out on the range. He was busily making dough for dragonbread, and had just made a big ball of dough, big enough to ease his tummy. Then suddenly, he tripped, dropping the perfect dough ball and then landing right on top of it. The ball of dough was smashed into a flat disc.


Lickbeard was angry that he had just ruined his perfectly good dragonbread dough. But as he looked down at the flat, disc-shaped dragonbread dough, he had an idea. He carefully placed the flat disc on a frying pan and held it over a fire. Within minutes, he had the kingdom’s first tortilla.


His friend Johnnypocks looked over and saw the curious item that his friend had created, and he too had an idea. He ran over and pulled out a roll of enchanted cow meat and a couple of magic chicken bouillon cubes. They cooked the meat and placed it on the tortilla. It seemed Lord Naturecloudface approved of their idea, for at that moment it started raining cheddar cheese from the rainbow sky, which doesn’t happen very often. All of a sudden, these two friends were beholding a miracle, which they named the taco, after their beloved homeland. The fame of the taco has spread far and wide since that day, bringing happiness and joy to all.


The End


This next part is true:


Our Poly Twill Apron is the perfect cooking accessory.

• Lightweight, stylish and durable

• 100% Polyester
• Black detachable twill straps

Tacos Are Better Than You Funny Apron

SKU: 3421239901
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