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Four 3.5" Rescue Ninja Round Vinyl Stickers on one sheet. These awsome stickers will get priceless reactions. Add some fun to any suface. Put them on your laptop, water bottle, car, or anywhere!


This fun sticker is perfect for nurses everywhere! Nurses love to help others and it shows! Makes a great gift for Christmas, birthday, or anytime! These stickers are great for adding a touch of personality to any surface. These are rated to last over six years due to high-quality production. The base materials are premium vinyl and vibrant inks. The design layer is covered by a UV resistant laminate. If removal is necessary, the adhesive backing won't leave residue behind.


• Matte finish
• Material: water-resistant vinyl
• Easy peel backing
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Why I Love Being A Nurse by Donna Mathezing, RN

"30 years of being a nurse and I have never had a regret about my career choice. I knew when I was five years old that helping people and talking with them was what I was meant to do.

"I have worked in all critical care areas from emergency to the cardiovascular ICU to the general systems ICU; I now work in the post-operative care unit and have 10 years of experience flying with our air ambulance service in a helicopter. I get to make a profound difference every single day. That profound difference is different for every patient, depending on what they need from me at their time of need. That could be something simple like holding a hand, letting them cry on my shoulder, giving pain medications so their loved one is comfortable, or just reassuring them that we will take care of them!

"Being with people at what is sometimes the worst moments of their lives or the best moments (diagnosis is negative or the birth of a baby) is a privilege and one I take very seriously. Being with a family as their loved one is passing away is the ultimate compliment for a nurse. Death is a sacred and scary time for many, and to be allowed within that sacred circle to offer support and comfort is what is rewarding about nursing.

"If I can walk away after my shift knowing that I have eased a person’s worry or fear and brought some sort of peace to them, then my day is fulfilled. And the best part of that is that I get many opportunities every day that I work."

RN Rescue Ninja Funny Nurse Sticker Sheet

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