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Mug Shot. It’s a pun. You know, like, you know how when you got arrested that one time for throwing American cheese off of the roof of a 5 story building onto the cars below? And then, down at the police station, they took your picture. But it was nothing like prom. That was your mug shot. Well a pun is when you, like, take words or phrases that can have more than one meaning, and then mess with it. You know like, how I think that your last run in with the law was kind of cheesy. Well, this pun is, like, you know, a mug that got shot…. It’s a pun.


This mug is perfect for hunters, law enforcement folks, military persons, criminals, or other people who like guns and puns. And mugs.


It's sturdy and glossy with a vivid print that'll withstand the microwave and dishwasher. It’s also one of our best sellers!


This mug is:

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• Glossy

• Nifty

• Punny

• Muggy

• Excellent

• Neat

• Stylish

• Terrific

• Chic

• Clever

• Cool

• Enjoyable

• Groovy

• Keen

• Super

• Swell

• Awesome

• Wondrous

• Stunning

• Stupendous

• Admirable

• Fabulous

• Magnificent


* If you disagree with any of the words on this list please send a hand-written note to Santa Claus explaining your reasons and why you think we should be put on the naughty list.


Disclaimer: This mug has not actually been shot. It’s just a drawing of bullet holes and printed on. This allows the mug to stay in one piece and function as a mug. If you want a mug that has actually been shot with real bullets by a real gun, you’re on your own. We do not provide that service. But you can buy as many mugs from us as you want and shoot them to your hearts content. No refunds.

Mug Shot

  • USA: 1 to 2 Weeks

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