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Live Nudes! This funny and creative shower curtain will make an impression and get huge laughs. Expression of personality has no borders! This funny, quality shower curtain will add an original touch to the most intimate room of your house.


DISCLAIMER: This shower curtain does not come with live nudes. Due to several laws and common human decency, we have decided that that is a really bad idea. If you want your shower curtain to come with live nudes, we suggest trying Tinder.


    Showering is an important part of a daily routine for most people. At least, we hope it is for most people. Otherwise, we are deeply concerned. Regardless, taking a shower is typically really enjoyable. You get to feel the warm water, get clean, and leave refreshed and ready for the day. Showers can be a source of inspiration and great ideas. In fact, it was in the shower that mankind came up with the brilliant thought: “People who don’t take showers are kinda gross.” Yes, nothing is better than a nice warm shower to start your day right. Unfortunately, there is one big problem with showering, and it’s quite alarming. Frankly, we aren’t sure why no one has realized this problem yet. We fear that by sharing this information, we may ruin your desire to shower ever again. Well, either way, we must share the truth:


    When you shower, you are NAKED.

Yes, you heard us, completely naked. Alarming, right? What other daily activities involve us taking off all of our clothes?

Boss: “Can you fax out this memo?”

Me: “Sure, let me get ready” *begins pulling down pants*

Getting naked is typically frowned on by society. In fact, you can get a pretty big fine for it. So why is it suddenly ok when we shower? That seems like a pretty big exception.

Police Officer: “Hey! No public nudity!”

Me: “But there’s water involved!”

Police Officer: “Oh… well, carry on then.”


The least we could do is warn people that we are not dressed while showering. It would be pretty weird for someone to walk into your shower just to find you without clothes on. Talk about embarrassing, right? That’s where this shower curtain comes in! No more awkward encounters in the shower. Just hang this up, and suddenly everyone will realize you’re naked and leave you alone.


• 100% Polyester
• One-sided print
• Hooks not included
• Note: Item size may vary +/- 2"

Live Nudes Funny Shower Curtain

SKU: 3238416289
  • USA: 1 to 2 Weeks

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