Let’s go beer hunting! If you're a hunter with a sense of humor, this is one funny hunting t-shirt you're going to absolutely love. Perfect for wearing to the bar after a day of hunting, it's soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women.

Let everyone know how much you like hunting and beer without saying a word. Sharing your interests through what you wear breaks down a barrier. Without speaking, you can tell others a little bit about yourself and share your personality.


Fuzzy Wuzzy is a beer

Fuzzy Wuzzy makes me cheer

Fuzzy wuzzy makes ya real buzzy

Does he?


Everyone knows that beers are dangerous. Sure, it can be really cool to see one. But if you get too close to a beer, it can lead to serious consequences, possibly even death. For that reason, we at Shane’s Brain have decided to educate you on the proper way to act around a beer. If followed correctly, these steps can help prevent a beer attack before it’s too late.


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