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This funny phone case is perfect for geeks, nerds, and dorks. There are actually a lot of people on the internet debating and defining the differences between geeks, nerds, and dorks. I’m pretty sure most of those people are geeks, nerds, and/or dorks.


Here is an explanation from Professional Nerd, Burton Kent: “


There's 3 terms that tend to be confused as the same thing, and used as insults. Nerds, geeks and dorks. Here's what they actually mean.


Nerds are intellectual badasses. Knowledgable, smart, good problem solvers. I work at the Nerdery, and we proudly call ourself nerds. It's obviously not an insult to us.


Geeks are passionate about something. There are board game geeks, star wars geeks, cosplay geeks, astronomy geeks, carnivorous plant geeks, lockpicking geeks, salsa (dance) geeks, medieval battle geeks, MMA geeks, movie geeks, wine geeks, etc. Chances are you're a geek and you don't know it. If you're not, a geek, you're likely boring. There's got to be something