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It Has Been Zero Days Since My Last Accident. This funny onesie baby bodysuit will bring smiles and laughter where ever you and your baby go. Dress your baby to the nines with this 100% cotton one piece. It has three snap leg closure for easy changing, a comfortable envelope neckline, and a beautiful print that's bound to get the baby all happy and giggling. Makes a great gift!

• 100% ring-spun combed cotton
• Heather colors are 52% ring-spun combed cotton and 48% polyester
• Fabric weight: 3.9 oz/y² (132.2 g/m²)
• Side-seamed construction
• Envelope neckline
• Three-snap leg closure


I used to work at a warehouse driving a forklift. I did my fair share to set that accident sign back to zero. The warehouse stored mostly food items and although most of time things went pretty smoothly, we did have some accidents.


One time we got a huge shipment of prune juice and there were about 20 or so pallets of prune juice sitting on the dock area waiting to be stored away. For some reason, one of the guys comes flying around the corner in a forklift, apparently unaware that those pallets had just been placed there. He slammed into them and they crashed and slammed into each other. Prune juice went everywhere! Now, I’m not sure why that much prune juice was even in existence in the first place. Seriously, who drinks that nasty stuff? But as horrible as it is to drink, it’s even worse to clean up 50 million gallons of the stuff. It took us forever!


I think dog food bags should be stronger. I spilled so much freaking dog food trying to put that stuff away. I would be doing great… I’d lift the pallet successfully, go down the aisle like a pro, get into perfect position, lift the pallet into place, place it gently on the racks, slide gracefully out, lower my forks, breathe a sigh of relief and then…. out of nowhere, it’s raining dog food!


But as bad as the dog food was it had nothing on the sugar. All I had to do was walk past the sugar aisle and the bags would spontaneously combust. 


Another time, I accidently smashed a box of flour between the wheel of the forklift and the railing and poof! That sucker exploded! It was super fine flour so within seconds the entire warehouse was filled with flour dust. And of course, now everyone is talking about it wondering what happened. Sure, spill a little dog food and you can quietly go on with your life. Explode some flour and everyone has to know about it.


But the only time I actually got hurt was one time when I was driving the forklift into a truck trailer and my forks were angled too low and they got stuck under the loading plate. The forklift came to an abrupt stop and I flew forward, slamming my head into the bar. I split my forehead open and had to go get stitches. After I left the hospital, I was given the option to go home or go back to work. I went back to work. Head injuries can make you do some weird crazy crap.

It Has Been Zero Days Since My Last Accident Funny Baby Bodysuit

  • USA: 1 to 2 Weeks

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