We hope we never get pink i. Pink i would be really difficult to have. Imagine how hard life would be with pink i. It would be terrible! For starters, no one wants to be around someone with pink i. Every other color of i, from brown to blue to green to hazel, is perfectly fine. People understand it. But if your i’s are pink, you’ve got a problem. People avoid you, afraid that their i’s will also turn pink. Even your friends and family might temporarily disown you. You would have to wait until the whole pink i thing has gone before you can continue with your life. 


Pink i’s also don’t look very good. They are bright and noticeable and ugly, not really what you want people to look at. You can be as fancy as you want, but at the end of the day, everyone will just notice your pink i’s. You’d have to stay inside for 2 weeks! That doesn’t sound fun!


But, soon enough, your experience with pink i will be over. It does end. Then you’ll be free, as your i’s return to normal color and people will never notice the difference. Your friends will once again welcome you and your normal i’s into their social circle, and you won’t be afraid of people notice those horrible pink i’s. You will all but forget that dreadful time when your i’s we