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Four 3.5" I Boated Round Vinyl Stickers on one sheet. These awsome stickers will get priceless reactions. Add some fun to any suface. Put them on your laptop, water bottle, boat, or anywhere!


Ladies and gentlemen, It’s boating day! Whether you’re boating on a local, state, or national level, it’s a great opportunity to boat for your views and values!


Who will you boat for? There’s a wide range of candidates, all fighting, campaigning, and working for your boat. They all have unique views and ideas that you could boat in favor of. What you decide to do with your boat could make a big difference. Your boat matters. You only get one chance, so use your boat wisely.


The rules of boating day are simple. Boating stations are set up all over your city or town, for all eligible boaters to place their boats. All you have to do is fill out a boating ballot, showing who you are boating for. Once everyone has boated, a winner can be determined.


Boating is a right and a responsibility. It is a privilege to cast your boat. We have the power to boat for what we want. We can boat for order. We can boat for change. When you step out of that booth, you can confidently and proudly say “I boated”.


Ok, now we’ve run out of boat puns. You get the idea.


This sticker is a great product to guarantee laughs.  


These fun stickers are great for adding a touch of personality to any surface. These are rated to last over six years due to high-quality production. The base materials are premium vinyl and vibrant inks. The design layer is covered by a UV resistant laminate. If removal is necessary, the adhesive backing won't leave residue behind.


• Matte finish
• Material: water-resistant vinyl
• Easy peel backing
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

I Boated Funny Parody Sticker Sheet

SKU: 3304938865
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