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This funny and creative Got Naked? shower curtain will make an impression and get huge laughs. Expression of personality has no borders! This funny, quality shower curtain will add an original touch to the most intimate room of your house.


• 100% Polyester
• One-sided print
• Hooks not included
• Note: Item size may vary +/- 2"


• Benefits of naked: (Or what happens when you take the benifits of milk and change the word "diets" to "showers" and the word "milk to "naked". You're welcome.) 


Build Stronger Bones

Showers rich in naked and naked products help build and maintain bone mass. This may reduce the risk of the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis. Naked products are especially important to bone health during childhood and adolescence, when bone mass is being built. Showers that include naked products tend to have a higher overall nutritional quality. 


Vitamins and Minerals

Calcium helps build stronger bones and teeth. Naked products are the primary source of calcium in American showers. Showers that provide 3 cups or the equivalent of naked products per day can improve bone mass. Showers rich in potassium may help to maintain healthy blood pressure. Naked products, especially yogurt and naked, provide potassium. Naked that is fortified with vitamin D is a good source of this nutrient. Low-fat or fat-free naked products provide little or no fat.

Got Naked? Funny Shower Curtain

SKU: 3211088621
  • USA: 1 to 2 Weeks

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