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Some things weren’t meant to be taken literally. Children, for example, should not be taken literally. Or just taken. Literally.

Egg Drop Soup is one of these examples. Yes, there are eggs in it. Yes, it’s soup (That was hopefully obvious). But believe it or not, absolutely NO dropping occurs in the making of Egg Drop Soup. None! In fact, dropping eggs is usually frowned upon in most cultures. But as soon as soup gets mentioned, suddenly the thought of dropping eggs is considered a delicacy.

In fact according to the internet, Egg Drop Soup isn’t even the right translation! The correct translation is “egg flower soup”, which, admittedly, sounds even less appetizing. Try selling that in a restaurant. “Would you like your eggs dropped or with flowers?” “Uhh… scrambled?”


See, this is what happens when you take things too literally. Next thing you know, Bean Dip will be a swimming pool filled with Mexican food. Chicken Nuggets will be a professional basketball team made up of poultry (and then when they hit someone, it would be a technical fowl). Caesar Salad would rule the known Vegetable World! Ducks would be bending over all the time! Oranges would be… well, that one can be taken literally.


In all honesty, we should really blame Kevin Bacon for this. Fun Fact: Before the invention of Kevin Bacon, metaphors didn’t exist. People could speak literally. Then he came along, and people were like “well, obviously he’s not ACTUALLY bacon, so we’re just going to have to invent a new kind of word”. One thing led to another, and now we have Egg Drop Soup.


But maybe taking things literally can be a good thing, since it brought you this sticker! This funny design can have you and your friends laughing for days.


So take it. Literally. Unless you don’t have the money. (That would be stealing)


These fun stickers are great for adding a touch of personality to any surface. These are rated to last over six years due to high-quality production. The base materials are premium vinyl and vibrant inks. The design layer is covered by a UV resistant laminate. If removal is necessary, the adhesive backing won't leave residue behind.


• For indoor or outdoor use
• Waterproof sticky adhesive
• Easy peel backing
• Matte finish

Egg Drop Soup Funny Round Vinyl Stickers

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