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This fun sticker illustrates the saying “Don’t Push Your Luck.”


Push Your Luck defined:

to try too hard to get a particular result and risk losing what you have achieved.


Here are some other things you should not push:

• My buttons

• It

• An angry llama


Here are some things you should push:

• A push-pop

• A person about to get hit by a train.

• The envelope


Here are some people that are pushy:

• Rhonda

• Larry

• Susie

(The names have been changed to protect the guilty)


These fun stickers are great for adding a touch of personality to any surface. These are rated to last over six years due to high-quality production. The base materials are premium vinyl and vibrant inks. The design layer is covered by a UV resistant laminate. If removal is necessary, the adhesive backing won't leave residue behind.


• For indoor or outdoor use
• Waterproof sticky adhesive
• Easy peel backing
• Matte finish


Push Me


Push me, Daddy, push me, Dad!

Oh please, Dad, pretty please!

Push me, Daddy, push me now!

I’m beggin’ on my knees!


Push me! Come on, push me, Dad!

Push me! Hey! – Whoa! – THUD!

Push me on the SWING SET, Dad!

Not in the stinkin’ mud!


This poem by Shane D. Williams appears in The Sun is on Fire!

Don't Push Your Luck Funny Round Vinyl Stickers

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