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Hey! You must be a Stranger Things fan! Maybe you saw the logo and thought “Oooo! I like that show! I must get this apron!” Well, look closer. Read the text, and you might just be surprised!


In our humble opinion, Chicken Wings are better than Stranger Things, for many reasons:

  • First of all, Chicken Wings are extremely tasty food, which gives them an obvious advantage. You can’t eat a Stranger Thing. That would be strange.
  • Also, you can dip Chicken Wings in barbeque sauce to make them even better! You can’t dip Stranger Things in barbeque sauce. That would be strange.
  • Chicken wings come in all sorts of unique flavors, like sweet garlic. You can’t have a sweet garlic Stranger Thing. That would be strange.
  • Stranger Things give children nightmares. You can’t get nightmares from chicken wings. Unless you’re afraid of Colonel Sanders. That would be strange.
  • Stranger Things is for more mature audiences. You don’t have to be mature for Chicken Wings. They won’t swear. That would be strange.
  • Chicken Wings are an essential part of chickens. Stranger Things are not a part of chickens. That would be strange.
  • Chicken Wings are sold by many different companies that provide unique flavors and experiences. Multiple companies can’t sell Stranger Things. That would be strange. And plagiarism.
  • Stranger Things has kids in it. There aren’t any kids in Chicken Wings. That would be strange.


Have we convinced you yet? We sure hope so, cause we’ve run out of reasons.


But wouldn’t you much rather have an apron that says Chicken Wings? Then you can run up to people and yell “B-GAWK!!!!!!!!” and it wouldn’t be strange!

(Disclaimer: that would still be very strange. But you’re welcome to do it, after all, there are stranger things you could do.)


Our Poly Twill Apron is the perfect cooking accessory.

• Lightweight, stylish and durable

• 100% Polyester
• Black detachable twill straps

Chicken Wings Funny Stranger Things Parody Apron

SKU: 3421464529
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