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Don't like people looking at your feet? Camouflage them! These fun camouflage print socks are perfect for hunters and military personnel. Makes the perfect gift for Christmas, birthday or anytime. Sharing your interests through what you wear breaks down a barrier. Without speaking, you can tell others a little bit about yourself and share your personality. You'll find people either share your interest or can appreciate your great taste in socks.


With the invention of new and exciting kinds of socks, the crew sock is starting to become less and less popular. The sock started as a pretty long tube of fabric, reaching up to your calves (Or even higher if you’re Scottish). However, fashion trends have caused socks to become shorter and shorter. It started with the ankle sock, which could only be seen just above the shoe. Then the market was rattled by the arrival of the legendary “No-Show” sock, which was hidden completely below the shoe. Now, the short sock revolution has taken over, with the bottom-half sock and the half-toe sock, which only cover parts of your foot. What started as a whole tube of fabric has become little more than a fancy rubber band.


 In this world of shrinking socks, where does the crew sock fit in anymore? Is it completely out of style? We disagree. See, the benefit of the crew sock is that it is super comfortable. Shorter socks are often uncomfortable, and leave the skin exposed and cold. But how can we have the comfortability of the crew sock, while still getting the fashion style of newer sock breeds?


Behold! The camouflage crew sock! With this pattern, it doesn’t matter how long your socks are. The clever camo blends in with the surroundings, and most people won’t even realize you’re wearing socks! Get ahead of the sock fashion game, and feel all the comfort of long crew socks. You will be the envy of every sock-related social gathering*, and your calves will love you at the same time.


WARNING: Camouflage does not actually work. If you thought we were being serious, you might want to get a camo mask to hide your embarrassed face.


*In all honesty, we couldn’t think of any sock-related social gatherings. Except puppet conventions. But we are sure you would find some, and be the life of the party.


The base color is white with full color print and black on the toes and heel.


• 200 needle knit premium socks
• Cushioned bottoms
• Material: 73% polyester, 18% nylon, 3% cotton, 6% spandex
• One size: comfortably fits women's size 5 US up to men's size 12 US

Camouflage Crew Socks

SKU: 3178898074
  • USA: 1 to 2 Weeks

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