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This funny apron is the perfect birthday gift. It’s sure to get a laugh or two even at the dreariest of birthday parties.




Now obviously, this is meant as some sort of threat. Or is it? If we actually look at the sentence we find that it has NOTHING to do with fighting, threatening, or anything logical for that matter. The most logical time to use this sentence would be when donating a kidney, which would actually be a piece of you that someone else wants, and it has nothing to do with fighting. Unless you’re there against your will. Then fighting is probably all you’re doing.


This apron takes that nonsensical phrase, and applies it to something that everyone actually wants a piece of: cake!


Now, we’re not suggesting that you should trust a talking cake. If you see a talking cake, you should probably call the police. After tasting the frosting. All we’re saying is that if a talking cake asked you if you wanted a piece of him, you would be more likely to say yes. You should also worry about his self esteem and will to live, but that can wait until after cake.


Our Poly Twill Apron is the perfect cooking accessory.


• Lightweight, stylish and durable.

• 100% Polyester
• Black detachable twill straps

You Want a Piece of Me?! Funny Birthday Cake Apron

SKU: 3416494795
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