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This funny “All You Need Is Scrubs” nurse phone case is perfect for nurses everywhere. This sleek Samsung case protects your phone from scratches, dust, oil, and dirt. It has a solid back and flexible sides that make it easy to take on and off, with precisely aligned cuts and holes.

• BPA free Hybrid Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC) material
• Solid polycarbonate back
• 0.02″ (0.5 mm) raised bezel
• See-through sides
• Wireless charging compatible
• Easy to take on and off


Scrubs are wonderful. Scrubs are beautiful. Scrubs give meaning to life, joy to every day, and purpose in our daily journey. Truly, without scrubs, where would we be as a world? As a community? As people?

Why do we need scrubs so badly?

Just imagine a world without scrubs! Imagine if society had absolutely no scrubs in it. It would be a disaster. There would be no joy, no happiness. People would be hard and cruel (more so than they already are). Fear and chaos would rule, leaving no one comforted or safe. There would be no escape from the evils of this world. A world without scrubs is a sad and lonely one, one where we would not want to live.

That’s why we need scrubs so much! Scrubs make every day better! Even the days that are hard and stressful can be made bright and wonderful because of scrubs. Scrubs lift us up and helps us continue with purpose. Scrubs bring us closer together as friends, families, and communities. Scrubs dissolve anger and replace it with care and respect. Scrubs lead us to be better parents, siblings, and people in general. When people feel genuine scrubs toward each other, the world is a happier and more joyful place.

So do your best to increase scrubs in our world. Be a source of scrubs that others can look to as an example. Show scrubs to others in your daily life.

All you need is scrubs
All you need is scrubs
All you need is scrubs, scrubs
scrubs is all you need

All You Need Is Scrubs Funny Nurse Samsung Case

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