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Over 50 side-splitting poems that will have you smiling, giggling and laughing out loud! Filled with funny twists, witty word-play and a host of mixed up characters, this collection is a must have for kids and adults who love to laugh.


Here are a few of the fun poems you will find in All Mixed Up!:


All Mixed Up


While I was on a field trip

At the candy factory,

I fell into the mixer,

And the mixer mixed up me!


My mouth is on my elbow now.

My eyes are on my cheeks.

It’ll take some getting used to, yes,

I’ll need some new techniques.


My left arm now comes out my head.

My foot comes out my ear.

And where my nose is really stinks!

That’s right…it’s on my rear!


Monster Outside My Window


I woke up and looked out the window –

You'll never believe what I saw!

A horrible, gross, ugly monster,

With drool oozing down his left jaw!


His creepy eyes staring right at me –

They were awfully bloodshot and red –

I was much too frightened to run away;

I just stared back, scared stiff in my bed.


His hair was frightfully messy,

His teeth were dingy and yellow,

The look on his face was atrocious –

A sluggish and smelly young fellow.


Yet I thought he looked vaguely familiar,

And suddenly things became clearer…

My window was actually way over there –

I was looking straight into my mirror!


Hairy Situation


Sometimes I wear it curly,

Sometimes I wear it straight.

No matter what I do with it,

My hair looks really great.


Sometimes I add a blue barrette,

Sometimes, a purple bow.

Sometimes I add conditioner

To really make it flow.


Sometimes I like it hot pink,

With glitter and some charms,

But Mom just rolls her eyes and groans,

"Sue! Shave your underarms!"

All Mixed Up! A Motley Horde of Funny Poems

  • USA: 1 to 2 Weeks

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