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THE FOLLOWING ACCOUNT IS A TOTALLY REAL STORY. (Not really, but it sure would be great if it was.)


Once upon a time, in the mid-tropical-rural-suburban town of Wemadethisup, Oregon, two brave researchers with a lot of extra government funding decided to put a common theory to the test: Do actions really speak louder than words?


The experiments consisted of two simple tests: 3 volunteers were first told to speak as loud as they could, and proper sound measurements were taken. Then they were told to punch the brick wall placed in front of them, and the sound was measured again.


The results were shocking.


The speaking tests were average, averaging at 110 decibels. This didn’t surprise the researchers.


But they were surprised by the results of the action test.


The first volunteer transformed into a giant, muscular, green superhero and destroyed his entire wall, making an extremely loud crashing sound.


The second volunteer suddenly revealed that she was a talented opera soprano, and as she punched the wall she began to sing about her feelings, shattering nearby glass and scaring off spectators.


The third participant, strangely enough, had a talking hand, and when the participant slammed it against the wall, the hand screamed “OW HEY WHAT GIVES!?!?!”.


The results came back, and nobody could figure out what the heck any of it meant so they shut down the research center. And that action spoke louder than all of the previous words.


If you believe that actions do speak louder than words, then this sports bra is a funny way of showing it! 


This gorgeous sports bra is made from moisture-wicking material that stays dry during low and medium intensity workouts. The bra has support material in the shoulder straps, double layer front, and a wide elastic band to ensure constant support.

• 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Fabric weight: 6.61 oz/yd² (224 g/m²)
• Moisture-wicking fabric
• Four-way stretch material
• Scoop neckline and racerback
• Flat seams and bias binding that minimize rubbing
• Best for A–C cups
• Support material in the shoulder straps, double-layered front, and a wide elastic band under breasts for extra support

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Funny Sports Bra

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