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Looking to buy a fun t-shirt for dad or grandpa? Does your dad or husband need something new to wear? Don’t worry folks, we’ve got you covered!


Does your dad or grandpa love to fish? Don’t miss our awesome “Reel Dads Take Their Kids Fishing” and “Reel Grandpas Take Their Grandkids fishing” designs or check out the ever popular “Grandkids and Fishing, I’m Hooked” t-shirt.


We offer a wide variety of dad inspired designs from “getting older” designs like “Aching Dad” and “Raw & Older” to food inspired designs like “Baking Dad” and “Chicken Wings”.


And this is not the only section with great t-shirts for dad. Be sure to check out our golf, hunting and fishing, political, and other categories for the perfect shirt for you dad or husband.


We all know that buying the perfect gift can be difficult. With hundreds of designs, a gift from Shane’s Brain is sure to be a winner this year. We offer the funniest, most unique t-shirts on the web. There is no shortage of hilarious apparel here!


We have a ton of fun brainstorming, creating, and designing these funny and unique t-shirt designs for you. It is our passion. We’re not just out to make a buck or two. We genuinely want to make the world a better place by sharing our humor and putting smiles on people’s faces. When you purchase one of our funny shirts, to us it’s like we just made a new friend and shared a cyber fist bump. 


Thank you for letting us share a little piece of us with you. Happy shopping!

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