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Here's what people are saying about Shane's books:


"Me and my kids love this book of poems.  It is so full of clever silliness that keeps you smiling.  My daughter will read it over and over, and I don't mind reading it over again to the kids, either.  Its so fun to see them "get" the humor behind the rhyme.  Thanks for helping add a good book to our family library!" - Millie Brady


"This book has a huge variety of poems, but all are really funny! I literally laughed out loud when I read this! It is SO funny! The poems are all so different from each other! I like how the illustrations are drawn. They are really simple, but add a lot to the book. I think boys would really like this book. I recommend this book to kids 7+! It is a good way to get kids interested in poetry. " - Erik - This Kid Reviews Books 

"All Mixed Up! by Shane D. Williams is a book of poetry for kids.  Most are silly, some are absurd; all are funny and will have kids busting a gut....The poems are enjoyable and the cleverness will tickle young funny bones....Teachers, this is a great book for starting a conversation about poetry and writing in general for younger children.  They will have a blast reading, or listening to, these poems....Maybe reading the unique and zany poetry in All Mixed Up! will inspire your child.  With 50 side-splitting poems, it will most definitely entertain them." - Sue Morris - Kid Lit Reviews

"Very funny, original poems and illustrations that had me smiling ear to ear. I'll be ordering another copy for my sister's grandchildren - this copy is mine to keep (for my future grandchildren)!" - Mrs. M. Prato


"I think Mr.Williams poems are funny and enjoyable. Each one has it own unique qualities and rhymes. My favorites are "huh", "I just want a fly" ,and "potuffulotater" I absolutely cannot wait 'til other books come out." - Tate Richins, Age 10

"We absolutely love "The endless achoo" - My daughter and I read it together almost every night. Very clever writing with rhymes and a story that rivals the great Dr Suess. My daughter started reading it while in first grade and it was just challenging enough to improve her reading skills and she's actually understanding and laughing at the humor. .. we love it!  Thank you for a great read!" - Shane Greene


"What a fun book! I read this book with my daughter and we both LOVED it! It is very clever, creative, fun and delightful. My daughter and I agree that this author could be the next Dr. Seuss. The book is full of fun new made up words, creatures and characters that all dance through a fun and interesting story in perfect rhyme. I highly recommend this book to people of all ages. If you liked Dr. Seuss, you'll probably like this too. : ) " - Sarah Pett


"I love this book!  First, I think the concept of being allergic to one's own sneezes is hilarious.  Second, there is actually a clever plot that keeps your interest and makes you wonder how it will all turn out.  Finally, the poetry is cheery and humorous to both kids and adults.  If you were ever a fan of Dr. Seuss, you will definitely enjoy The Endless Achoo!" - Karen Hyatt

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